Sylvia's story

By Helen Walker Date Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My name is Nalule Sylvia and I live in Kidda, in Masaka District, Uganda. I am 27 years and I am a mechanic at AFRIpads. I am a married woman with 2 children and I have served for 6 years in this company.

International Women's Day is a remarkable day where woman are allowed to do whatever they want. For me women's empowerment means freedom for women. So freedom to do whatever you want, or whatever you think is right. Without other people telling you that you cannot do it because you are a woman. 

AFRIpads is empowering me, and allowing me to do what I want by enabling me to earn a living. Therefore I have been able to buy a plot of land, where I can build my own house in the future. I also could open a salon where other women come to do their hair, and employ my relatives there. Lastly, my job allowed me to pay the school fees for my children. That way I can make sure they have a bright future, where they have the freedom to make their own choices as well!


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