Sarah's story

By Helen Walker Date Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My name is Nantongo Sarah and I am a citizen of Kitengesa in Masaka District, Uganda. I am 33 years and a tailor at AFRIpads for 1 ½ years now. I am a married woman with 4 children.

International women’s day is a remarkable day in the year. It feels somehow like women got out of slavery and got the freedom to do whatever they want. So it is a very important day for me in the year. 

Women empowerment means to me; strong women. That is having a mission for instance. Women can be successful and in a position to do something that is developmental and constructive for themselves and for the people around them.

The most important thing that AFRIpads is doing to empower girls and women is providing jobs. Especially for me, having a very small education level, it is very important that I have a job that is giving me a good salary. That allows me to support my 4 children and to make a nice living. 

I wish everybody a very happy International Women's Day!


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